Registration of food supplements

Gaukhar Bilimbayeva,
General Director of Registrarius LLC, Head of Regulatory & PV, PharmD, MBA

Do you want to register your Food Supplement in CIS and EAEU?

Then you applied to a company that can really provide you with full and highly qualified support in the whole registration process of your product in CIS and EAEU, from initial beginning to end.

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The contract and payment

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Registration process

In order for you to have an idea on what you will need for your product registration in CIS and EAEU, we have prepared below a brief excursion on this question based on our more than 15 years’ experience in this field.

The registration path in CIS and EAEU of Food Supplements (FS) consists of four main stages:

Each of the above described stages has its own processes, terms, nuances, risks, which we will help you successfully overcome with the maximum benefit for you!

Stage I

Preparation of the dossier and samples

Duration — from 1 month till 1 year


Development of local documents

  • Translation of dossier into Russian
  • Notarization of documents
  • Development of bilingual ArtWorks
  • Development of instructions for use

the period can be reduced if the Client provides the necessary materials for the development of local documents in advance

Up to 30 days


Receiving the dossier and   samples from the Client

  • Dossier according to requirements
    of CIS and EAEU
  • Samples for sanitary- hygienic tests (150 g)
  • Product ArtWorks in KZ/RU languages
  • Draft instructions for use
  • Certificates HACCP, ISO 13485, GMP
  • Power of Attorney for Registration

The timeline depends on the speed of providing full  package of documents and samples by the Client, including the time for samples custom clearance

1—12 months

Stage II

Submission of the dossier and materials on registration

Duration — up to 1 week


Receive invoice for payment

and conclusion of the contract with Authority

Up to 1 week


Submission of the dossier
and samples

to Authority

1—3 days

Stage III

Food Supplement registration process

Duration — up to 90 calendar days / 3 months


Assigning a registration number

inclusion in the unified register of certificates on state registration of the EAC (Eurasian Economic Commission) or in CIS according to local legislation.


Examination of the dossier


Sanitary and hygienic trial

  • composition analysis
  • analysis of physical-chemical indicators
  • determination of heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides, microtoxins
  • microbiological tests
  • study of toxic effects on the body in acute trial on laboratory animals

Frequent risks in registration
and ways to overcome them

Food supplement hasn’t approval as FS in manufacturer country

Non-compliance of the qualitative composition of Food supplement with the requirements of the EAEU

Possibility to register FS as OTC product

Registrarius LLC will perform preliminary expertise of the dossier to identify all weak points

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Commercial/Marketing Director

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Gaukhar Bilimbayeva, General Director of Registrarius LLP,
Head of Registration and Pharmacovigilance, PharmD, MBA

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MD (MA health management planning and policy)

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— based on the professional experience of one of the founders and director of the company, Bilimbayeva Gaukhar, and the experience of each highly qualified team member in his industry, which in total amounts to 80 (eighty) years.

Behind our shoulders

— more than 1000 successful regulatory approvals, including drugs, medical devices, food supplements, cosmetics, food, organization and maintenance of inspections and audits:


successful GMP inspections from KZ Authority


successful internal audits with a positive conclusion in GXP, GDP, GRP and GVP


quality control inspection


compliance audits

We provide regulatory and

pharmacovigilance services
in 13 CIS the EAEU countries

and also we offer professional promotion services for your products in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia:



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Our team is our pride

We have more than 50 international diplomas and certificates
confirming our high qualifications and standards:

Gaukhar Bilimbayeva

General Director of Registrarius LLC, Head of Regulatory & PV


1997 — 2002: Kazakh National Medical University, named of S.Asfendiyarov. Faculty, pharmacist of general practice.

2016 — 2018: MBA Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland.

Work experience:

AstraZeneca UK in Kazakhstan

Mar 2016 — Jul 2018

Regulatory and PV manager, Medical Adviser, GxP Lead (GxP, GMP, GDP, GRP, GVP), Compliance Lead

Reckitt Benckizer

Oct 2015 — Feb 2016

Senior Regulatory and PV manager in Kazakhstan and Central Asia


Jun 2012 — Mar 2015

Compliance officer in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus countries


Mar 2009 — May 2012

Head of Regulatory and PV Department and Compliance officer of Novartis GEM in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan  and Mongolia

Sandoz (Lek)

May 2007 — Apr 2009

Head of Regulatory and PV Department of Sandoz (Lek) in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan  and Mongolia

 Nur-May Pharmacy pharmaceutical factory (Kazakhstan)

Mar 2006 — May 2007

Head of Procurement

Nobel Kazakh-Turkish pharmaceutical factory

Aug 2005 — Mar 2006

Regulatory specialist

Aida Badenova

Regulatory and PV specialist of the Registrarius LLC


2014 — 2015: University of Leeds,  Nuffield Center for International Health and Development, United Kingdom. Master in Management, Planning and Policy in Public Health.

2003 — 2009: Medical University of Astana, Kazakhstan. Doctor hygienist-epidemiologist.

Work experience:

Registrarius LLC

jun 2018 by current time

Senior Regulatory and PV manager

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nov 2017 — Dec 2018

Chief Expert of the Regional Development Department
Chief Expert of the Department of Implementation Coordination  compulsory social health insurance Department of Project Management

United Kingdom Department of Public Health, Health Promotion

Jan 2016 — Aug 2016

Consulate of the City of Leeds, Specialist (Internship)

Medical University of Astana, Kazakhstan

2009 — 2012

Department of Public Health, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department

Almas Ibrayev

Lawyer and Patent protection specialist in Registrarius LLC


2015 — 2016: Master (LLM) in the Bolashak program — The University of Leeds, Great Britain, Leeds;

1996 — 2000: Kazakh State Law Academy, Almaty,Kazakhstan

Work experience:

ТОО Registrarius

Jun 2018 by current time

Lawyer and Patent protection specialist

LLP "Central Asian Consultants“

Oct 2014 — May 2018

Deputy Director for Legal Affairs

National Mining Company of JSC "NC "Tau-Ken Samruk“

Oct 2009 — Oct 2014

Senior manager of Legal department

State Administration of Energy and Communal Services of Astana city Akimat of Astana city

May 2008 — Sep 2009

Senior specialist of legal department

Holding Company "Okan Holding“ Astana, Almaty city

Aug 2006 — Apr 2008


Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Regulation of Natural Monopolies in Astana

Sep 2005 — Jul 2006

Chief Specialist of the Legal Expertise Department of the Legal Department

Dauren Bilimbayev

Marketing & Sales Director in Registrarius LLC


2000 — 2004: Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Faculty "Finance and credit", Specialty - taxes and taxation

2003 — 2005: East Kazakhstan State University named after S. Amanzholov, Kazakhstan, Faculty - Jurisprudence, Specialty - State Law

2016 — 2017: NIMA International Marketing school,  Netherlands

Work experience:

Center of Digital Dentistry Dr.Edil Boribay Almaty,Kazakhstan

2017 — 2018

Marketing & Sales director

Naiza EnergoRemKomplekt LLC, Almaty,Kazakhstan

2012 — 2017

Executive Director

Volvo Construction Equipment "Ak Machinery" LLP, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2011 — 2012

Regional Director

LLP Sapa Kurylys 2007, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2007 — 2011

Executive Director

Customs clearance center "Oskemen“

2001 — 2007

Chief Inspector of Customs Control Agency Department of East Kazakhstan Region

Kabylbekova Asmira

Senior specialist
of registration


2015-2019 Kazakh National Medical University, named of S.Asfendiyarov. Faculty, Bachelor degree

2019-2021 Kazakh National Medical University, named of S.Asfendiyarov. Faculty, Master degree

Work experience:

Registrarius LLC

2019 – at present:

Senior specialist
of registration, BE, PIL testing and CT

Bakitzhan Dauletay

Senior regulatory specialist


2015 - 2019: Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiyarov.

2019 - 2021: Master’s degree of technical sciences, Kazakh National Medical University named after S. Asfendiyarov

Work experience:

Registrarius LLC

2019 - at present:

Senior regulatory specialist

Karakoz Abdrakhmanova

Senior regulatory and pharmacovigilance specialist


2015 - 2019: Kazakh National Medical University named after S. Asfendiyarov

2019 – 2021: Master’s degree of medical sciences, «Kazakh National Medical University named after S. Asfendiyarov»

Work experience:

Registrarius LLC

2019 – at present:

Senior regulatory and pharmacovigilance specialist

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